Got skills?


We love to host and spotlight dancers from different backgrounds, and get people excited about what YOUR favourite style can bring to our fusion dance. If you're a dance teacher and want to get people hyped on your fave concept or bit of technique talk to us! 

Everyone involved at Kaleidoscope needs to be down with our values and #DanceHasNoGender is a big deal for us. What that means for us is that:

  • classes are gender neutral
  • everyone learns to lead and follow by default 
  • class rotation is randomised so that all genders dance with one another

Of course, individual attendees can choose to only dance with one person if they came with a partner, or to only dance specific roles - but creating a safe space for switching is what we're about.

If you’ve not taught gender neutral classes before then this might be a learning curve. We want to help you! Talk to us about the practicalities of setting up a good rotation, or how to apply your knowledge to a fusion class.



It's your music that makes the magic happen, and we're always looking for more folks to join our rotating cast of disco wizards. If that might be you, then reach out! 

We're looking for DJs who love to work with us to craft a vibe, know how to read a dance floor and have the kind of range to appeal to dancers of all different backgrounds. Of course, you'll have your own unique style too, and whether you're all about the crunchy glitchwomps, or the ethereal melodies we're interested. 


Live acts

We want to dance to your music! 

Are broken beats Your Thing? Do you live for swooping, ethereal sounds? Are you a loop pedal wizard?

We throw fusion dance parties for people who want to dance together without the baggage. Fusion is all about improvisation and fusing different styles of dance - and music. Picture a room full of people, paired up or dancing solo, lost in your sound. 

Let's talk, and if there's chemistry we'll look at getting you booked - and hook you up with a free ticket to one of our nights so you can see what it's all about.



Volunteering at one of our nights is a great way to give back to your community - and for an hour of your time, we'll thank you with free entry for the night to our regular parties. 

We could use a hand with setting up and setting the mood in the venue ahead of time, or welcoming people as they arrive, so reach out! 


I'm in!

If you are local to Bristol and want to be part of our monthly nights then drop us a line at

For Camp Kaleidoscope and weekend events  we have a really solid local team covering all the bases for staff positions - they're invitational, please don't overwhelm our small team with requests! If we're looking for something, we'll shout about it, we promise.

We will occasionally put out open calls for DJ's for weekenders so watch this space

Our next event

30 August - 1 September

Microscope 2024

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