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Fusion Organisers' Retreat

A small community-run residential event, in the French countryside. Think log fires, communal meals and facilitated discussions on the highs and lows of building a local dance community and running big events. We'll all be taking turns in the kitchen and pooling our collective wisdom in facilitated discussions. Oh, and yes, there is even a dance studio so you can get your fix  

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Kaleidoscope Fusion dance party

We throw dance parties where all bodies are invited. You already know how to dance, we're just here to give you permission to embrace all of the ways your body wants to move. Come alone, come with friends, dip in a toe or plunge in the deep end. However you want to party, we're here for it. So that everyone feels safe to unleash their full selves on the dancefloor our only rule is to be excellent to one another (aka the "don't be an asshole" policy). What does that mean? We expect you to be great at respecting other peoples' boundaries and bodies, to pay attention, and to use your words if you're unsure. Trust us, asking is way less awkward than getting it wrong.


Camp Kaleidoscope 2024 - Fusion residential

So you want to spend a week dancing in a castle, surrounded by friends old and new, with good food, campfires and time to really dive into levelling up your dancefloor skills? You're in luck! Camp Kaleidoscope is all that and then some. We're hiring out an actual castle just a stone's throw from Bristol, and the amazing Flouer Evelyn is going to take us on a journey through our dancing to help us explore and develop together. We'll also have gentle morning movement classes, evening practicas, social dances and non-dance evening activities for when it's time to just cwtch up and hang out on the sofas. Camp Kaleidoscope is all-in, meaning we're also providing accommodation and mountains of delicious food, masterminded by your favourite local kitchen heroes. And as always, we're conscious of making our events as financially accessible as possible, so look out for sliding scale options at registration! It's gonna be WHOLESOME y'all. Get on the mailing list for all the updates.