Kaleidoscope needs you!

Kaleidoscope is a community event run by dancers, for dancers. We can't make it happen without talented people like you. We'd love to have a pool of teachers, DJ's and volunteers for future events ✨

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Fusion

Would you like to dance?

Your dancefloor survival guide.

Lead, follow or switch?

We don't know what dance role someone would like right now by looking at them - we need to ask!

How about close embrace?

Sometimes we want some space! That's okay, ask about close embrace, don't assume.

Are you comfortable?

Be ready to adapt to each new partner - including adjusting to how you connect so that everyone feels good.

How do you feel about dips? Lifts?

Only do dips and lifts if you are both experienced in doing them safely, and ONLY after verbally checking in that your partner wants to dip or lift today.

I'd love another!

Saying yes to a dance is only saying yes to one song - if we want another, we need to ask (and we can leave early too, if we need to).

No thank you

You don't need a reason to say no to a dance, and saying no doesn't mean you have to sit out entirely.

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Fusion

Finding your way

The Hideout, White Street, St Jude's, Bristol, BS5 0TS