Kaleidoscope XXL 2024 - Fusion weekender

Music. Moves. Magic. 8 March to 10 March 2024

Kaleidoscope XXL 2024 - Fusion weekender

Kaleidoscope XXL is all about the music and the parties

If you’ve been to one of our monthly nights then imagine that, cranked up 6 notches. 

We want all of you

We throw dance parties where all bodies are invited. You already know how to dance, we're just here to give you permission to embrace all of the ways your body wants to move.

Come alone, come with friends, dip in a toe or plunge in the deep end. However you want to party, we're here for it.

So that everyone feels safe to unleash their full selves on the dancefloor our only rule is to be excellent to one another (aka the "don't be an asshole" policy). What does that mean? We expect you to be great at respecting other peoples' boundaries and bodies, to pay attention, and to use your words if you're unsure. Trust us, asking is way less awkward than getting it wrong.

Three nights of great music


Our musical goals for Kaleidoscope XXL are to:

  • Broaden the range of music we dance to in fusion
  • Platform artists who are left out of the mainstream

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re abandoning the classic floor-fillers. We’ve already got a several live acts in the works that we are very excited about, and a list of DJ’s to make you swoon. 

Parties will run:

  • Friday: 8pm to 3am
  • Saturday: 8pm to 4am
  • Sunday: 8pm to 1.30am


We'll also have daytime skill shares showcasing our talent, so if you're newer to fusion you have some tricks to bring to the dancefloor each night. 

Hazel, our teacher for the weekend has this to say believes that dancing begins on the inside - in the heart and the imagination. Ever since Hazel could walk she was doing it to the beat and making up her own rules. She has been teaching in the physical arts for over 15 years and has been in love with social partner dancing since 2010.

Single night passes now available! 

We're all out of full weekend passes but you can grab single night passes over at headfirst!

Single night passes

Camp Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope XXL is the sister event to Camp Kaleidoscope - a fusion dance residential focused on leveling up your dance game. We've arranged it so that you can segue smoothly between Camp and XXL with our transfers to and from Bristol to our castle in the countryside. 

Camp attendees will get priority booking for Kaleidoscope XXL, and also a discount on their ticket for the weekender. 

Intrigued? Click the button for all the info about Camp Kaleidoscope <3

Camp Kaleidoscope



Do you do social passes?

We're keeping it simple with one pass to cover the full weekend, whether you want to come to the workshops and the parties, or just the parties.

Can I split a pass with a second caregiver?

Yes! We want to make it possible for parents and caregivers to enjoy Kaleidoscope XXL by sharing a pass.

Both of you should register, but just put 50% of the ticket amount in the custom field at payment. Let us know who you're sharing with, either via email or in the "your needs" section at registration. 

Will there be single-night tickets available?

Probably. We'll release tickets for single nights on a month before the event starts IF we have the capacity. 

How much does it cost?

To make the event as accessible as possible, we offer a sliding scale and will give as many discounts as we can afford, plus a limited number of free passes. This is made possible by the generosity of people who can afford to pay a little more!

  • Default rate: £95 this is how much we need to average to break even
  • Support our community: £125 we think we're offering something worth at least this much!
  • Low income: £60 we'll offer as many of these as we can afford
  • Sliding scale: £? - for the high rollers and broke bitches who want to offer a custom amount

What's the camper discount about?

That's for folks who are coming to Camp Kaleidoscope - our week-long residential - either before the weekend. You can learn more about Camp here.


What's your cancellation policy?

We're happy to offer refunds up to one month before the event. After that, you're welcome to arrange a private transfer - just get in touch with us to make sure that we make it work behind the scenes too. 

What's your sickness policy?

If you feel unwell, please test for Covid and do not attend if you test positive. If you have a mild virus that is not Covid, please keep everyone healthy by masking up! We'll have masks available on the front desk in a range of colours to suit your outfit. 


Are you offering hosting?

We're not arranging hosting this time around, but once you've registered you will be invited to join our discord where you can link up with other attendees to share accomodation. 

Where are the venues?

We're waiting to have contracts in hand before announcing all of our venues, but as they're confirmed they'll appear on our map at the link below.


Kaleidoscope XXL - Camper discount

Kaleidoscope XXL - weekend only

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