Fusion is a living dance: fusion is a dance with it’s own aesthetic, which comes from using techniques learnt in other partner dance styles to create something new. Whether you are a native fusion dancer, or are drawing your inspiration from elsewhere, everyone has something to bring to the dance.

Dance has no gender: your role in the dance isn’t dictated by your gender, the way you cut your hair or the body you were born into. Whether you lead, follow or switch is down to you – every time you get on the dance floor.

Equality within the partnership: we value co-creation, even when not actively switching our model of good following is active and creative, and our model of good leading provides room for follows to express themselves. If something unexpected happens in a dance, don’t assume your partner has done it wrong!

There’s space for everyone: we do everything we can to make Kaleidoscope accessible to everyone, and expect you to be considerate in how you speak and how you act. We won’t tolerate discrimination or hate speech.

Your body is important and you get to decide what to do with it. You’re never obliged to accept or continue a dance with someone, and within the dance you can keep making decisions about what you do and don’t want to do. You choose what types of connections and moves you want to include in the dance.

We need community: the connections we create dancing together can extend beyond the dancefloor. Whilst you’re welcome to simply show up and dance, we also make space to socialise and meet likeminded people. Kaleidoscope is run by dancers, for dancers, and you can get involved too!

There’s always something to learn, in dancing and in life. Off the dance floor, being a good person can mean working to learn from our mistakes and being a good organiser means adapting to what the people attending our events tell us they want and need. In dancing, there’s a place for feedback, and on the social floor the only feedback you give should be things you need for your comfort – not critiques of your partner’s technique.

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