Microscope 2024

Bristol's smallest fusion weekend 30 August to 1 September 2024

Microscope 2024

It's time to get small and cosy, with this intimate micro fusion weekend from Kaleidoscope.

Expect everything you love about the Bristol scene - switchy dances, welcoming faces and dreamy dances - in one tiny package.

What's micro?

Micro is very small dancing. It's all about sharing tiny movements in your body and connecting deeply with a partner.

We believe that micro fusion is a diverse dance that can be many different things - we want to make space for every kind of micro, from high-precision, detailed, creative tiny dances to the soft to squishy hug dance which leave you wandering off with a dazed and dreamy look on your face.

Whether you've been dancing for a long time or it's your first time, you can join in the micro magic.

What music can I expect?

Part of creating space for all those different dances to happen is making sure there’s a suitable soundscape - across a micro weekend, we want to hear a variety of music, from a diverse range of artists and genres.

Our aim is that the parties really feel like parties - we love gentle micro feels, but we like for those feels to be balanced with energetic, vibrant, dynamic moments too. It’s important to us that the energy of the music varies over the weekend - we want some high-energy party time, low-energy wind down time, and everything in between.

Workshops from Frankie Porter

Frankie encountered Argentine tango in the heady summer of 2011 and has been dancing like a maniac ever since, both in partnership and alone.

On the micro floor she seeks to combine passion with precision, building internal landscapes within a flexible, responsive connection, and will happily micro to anything from hard EDM to a dripping tap.

As a teacher, she focuses on developing both creativity and control, building concepts in an accessible way to provide an expanded palette of musicality.

Watch this space!

More info coming soon!

Dance has no gender

In fusion we...
...don't assume what role you take in the dance; whether you lead, follow or switch is up to you and your partner, every time you take to the floor
...welcome everyone, embracing queerness and all types of bodies
...feel free to ask anyone to dance, and are okay hearing and saying no sometimes
...check-in with our partner about what kind of dance they would like, including whether they feel happy with close embrace or being dipped

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