Kaleidoscope Fusion with Hazel Crimmins

13 May 2023

Kaleidoscope Fusion with Hazel Crimmins

We'll kick off the evening with an intro to social dancing for anyone who'd like some tips on dancing with a partner, before local DJ's get us moving with tracks ranging from slow and squishy to high-energy bangers.

Fusion is a living dance

Fusion is new-fangled partner dancing. We're not here to stick to a rigid set of steps and endless rules, but to actually dance with another person to good music on a night out. Fusion is all about improvisation, connecting with your partner and seeing what happens. We don't care if you've never danced before, as long as you're having a good time.

Fusion gets it's name from fusing different styles of dance - maybe you've danced blues, tango, lindy, west coast swing or hip hop or maybe you just like to get on the dance floor and shake it, you have something to bring!


Class from Hazel Crimmins

This month international teacher Hazel Crimmins is taking us on a journey through fusion dancing. Ever since Hazel could walk she was doing it to the beat and making up her own rules. She has been teaching in the physical arts for over 15 years and has been in love with social partner dancing since 2010. Hazel draws on an eclectic world of influences blending technical disciplines such as contemporary dance and yoga with the improvisation skills that she picked up at clown school.

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