Kaleidoscope Fusion x NYE

Dance all night, New Years Eve 31 December 2022

Kaleidoscope Fusion x NYE

New Year Special

For one night only, we've got a special venue and will be partying 'til late! No class this time, but we promise we'll be celebrating in style. Whether you're dancing for the first time or for a long time, we want you here with us.

As always, our favourite DJ's will be on hand to get us moving with tracks ranging from slow and squishy to high-energy bangers.



We want everyone to be able to connect to the community and come dance, regardless of finances. Our tickets are offered on a sliding scale, and if you can't afford our low-cost options and want to come dancing, email hello@kaleidoscopefusion.com and we'll make it happen ❤

Dance has no gender

In fusion we...

...don't assume what role you take in the dance; whether you lead, follow or switch is up to you and your partner

...welcome everyone, embracing queerness and all types of bodies

...feel free to ask anyone to dance, and are okay hearing and saying no sometimes

...check-in with our partner about what kind of dance they would like, including whether they feel happy with close embrace or being dipped

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