Kaleidoscope XXL 2023

Fusion dance weekend 10 March to 12 March 2023

Kaleidoscope XXL 2023

Kaleidoscope XXL is all about the music and the parties. If you’ve been to one of our monthly nights then imagine that, cranked up 6 notches. Whether you’ve been at Camp Kaleidoscope and have new moves you want to try out, or are just here for the weekend we’ll have plenty to be excited for – including daytime classes suitable for beginners up so there’s something for everyone. 

Three nights of parties

We've worked hard to secure the best venues, hunt down the most fusionable live acts and make plans for maximum magic.

  • Friday night, we're keeping it cosy in the Radnor Rooms 7pm-2am
  • Saturday night we're going all out, with parties across two rooms at the Hideout, 8pm-5am
  • Sunday night at SouthBank club we'll wind down in style, 7.30pm-1am

Full weekend passes are now SOLD OUT.

New to fusion? We got you

We'll also have daytime skill shares showcasing our best local talent, so if you're newer to fusion you have some tricks to bring to the dancefloor each night.

  • Tristan is going to be sharing the secrets to partnered connections
  • Frankie will be spilling the beans on her amazing solo dancing

Dance has no gender

In fusion we...

...don't assume what role you take in the dance; whether you lead, follow or switch is up to you and your partner

...welcome everyone, embracing queerness and all types of bodies

...feel free to ask anyone to dance, and are okay hearing and saying no sometimes

...check-in with our partner about what kind of dance they would like, including whether they feel happy with close embrace or being dipped

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