Fusion Organisers' Retreat

Connect, inspire, learn 25 January to 29 January 2024

Fusion Organisers' Retreat

Cosy discussions, group dinners, and dancing

A small community-run residential event, in the French countryside. Think log fires, communal meals and facilitated discussions on the highs and lows of building a local dance community and running big events. We'll all be taking turns in the kitchen and pooling our collective wisdom in facilitated discussions.

Oh, and yes, there is even a dance studio so you can get your fix!


We're here with open ears to hear about whatever your big wants are. We're thinking about covering things like:

  • Music - picking and working with DJs and artists to create the party you imagine
  • Vibes - what goes on behind the scene to make the magic happen?
  • Growing your scene - building a community of local dancers who want to come again and again - and bring their friends
  • Safer spaces - making sure no-one is left behind
  • Money - how do we make it work for everyone, including organisers as well as attendees

Other things on our mind include what goes into a great residential, catering for groups, inclusivity, arranging teaching for fusion, and organiser appreciation.

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We're providing food and accommodation for the weekend. As a tiny event we can only get the basic costs so low (approximately 95EUR per person) but will make things sliding scale and do our best to make sure that anyone who wants to be there isn't limited by the cost.

Who are we?

We are Siân Kathryn and Ouardane Jouannot. We were brought together by our love of fusion dancing and the fusion community, and a whole bunch of shared values around what those mean to us.

Ouardane has been organising forever - you might know them from EMF (European Micro Fantasia). They are also the creator and moderator of the European Fusion Organizers and Fusion Dance Europe facebook groups.

Siân is a pretty new organiser, and the creator of Kaleidoscope. In classic "go big or go home" style, in her second year of organising she's throwing 6 mulit-day events in 7 months whilst trying to grow a local scene. 

This event isn't really about us though. It's about all the people who inspire us - including you, if you want to be there. 

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